Sunday, May 30, 2010

3rd week of practical done.oh yeahhh..1 more week to survive @ d beri beloved lie. siyesly. my BELOVED firm. when it comes to 4th of June... tetttttt.END. i will no more there. but i will b there if i am needed.hak3. prasan eh. mcm a lawyer tu kesah kt ko en. bluweekkk. :p eyh, hu noes en!!

next week, d SV from USIM will come.hadoyai.cuak eh.hopefuly my lawyer wil not talk too much bout me.almaklumla, dis is d beri much take for granted practcal de taw. admit not coming to ofis fr 3 tymes.BUT. with reason okke.not saje2. plus 2 tymes half day..heeee.BUT.with reason gak okke.siyes lie.

gain conveyancing of practical firm only handle litigation.dat's d lack of it.but,to think it in +ve way, which i of cos always think +ve i can hv my own focus to my work. but to think it in -ve, urghhh... of cos,i hv not much thing to tah no branch plak dah.-

ohhh yes.point2 which are important extremely :
  • when apply fr prctical,ask carefully wut kind of cases does that firm involves.determine in urself 1st ur interest.if no interest at all in conveyancing,AVOID firm which involve ONLY conveyancing.find another firm.BUT.its not wrong to try okke.ouh,btw,actually wut is it to say here is : just try.if u want to learn more, find firms with more type of cases.dis is d bes i think. as a student,learn more is better.dun follow me.conveyancing ONLY.hak3.owh, but of cos, i hv my own reason fr that.:p
  • carpark during practical.ouhhh...frankly speaking.i hate.damn.i was given 'love letter'. TWICE.i repeat.TWICE.gosh.sape tah yg suke sgt nk jatuh chenta kt aku.DUSH.sepak kang baru taw.heyyyy..i'm doing my practical wit no guarantee of any elaun okke.parking fee RM 0.50/hour.working hour from 9 to 5.count it.count it pls.RM4 per day okke. n yes, pls times 20 have no money.dah byr sejam pon, lebey sejam pon stil nk gak tulis luv letter..yeah..okeh2, i wil not be long there.taw la rindu pon. blahh.lesson here : DO NOT DO YOUR PRACTICAL IF YOU HAVE NO GUARANTEE OF ANY ALLOWANCE.hahaha.peace.
  • if u still eager to do so,pls, put at ur car : "I AM JUST A PRACTICAL STUDENT.I GOT NO ALLOWANCE AT ALL.DON'T GIVE ME UR LOVE LETTER.I WILL NOT REPLY." Ouh, nice!
  • keep healthy! so that u can do work half day.
  • write ur report everytime the work is done.important! to avoid the disease of forgetful.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

aku rindu
rindu sangat
rindu mase2 berkongsi suka duka


tapi tak taw camne nak share da suke duka tuh
siyesly..rase nk nanges pon ade

bila rasa nk cite, terSTOP
rasa blank..ohhh gosh

rindu saye kat dia takkan penah padam
takkan penah ilang
dia jadi peneman

tapi sekarang,lama dah tinggalkan dia
cian gak kat dia
tapi, wut can i do kan kan kan..
bila takde mood, aku tak dpt nk layan semesra-mesranya
aku lupa dia yang boley jadik pndgr setia aku

p/s : to i'm so sorry. didnt mean to hurt u.
       pasni saye cte byk2 lagi kt awk taw taw.

okke okke ; tade aidie.sbnrnye -,-