Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunday, 10th August 2008~

A sweet and unforgettable moment for me..
[fafa played futsal...!!] yeah..
finally, i made it..
its been my dream for so long..
waa..rily rily nice experience..

Its all started when aku berkoBar2 mO join d FUTSAL CLINIC organized by my university..
FEE :: RM20/person
I told bout it to my fwens so tht we can join it 2gether gether.. ehehe.. bru best~
But..tak ramai yg minat cz kne pay mhl... mahal ke? ke.. mhl tak??
gpoN..-- we hv another program on d same day.. urghh..lupez lakz..
owh..kasihannya kpd diri kami..

Tapi, jeng jeng jeng..

tbe2 i was asked to join a Futsal Tournament..~

waaa..beshnye..besh besh ..!! dpt men futsal..!!
dhla no experience at all..tbe2 nk lawan..hak3.. lawak btol..~mcm ilmu da penOh di dada..~
netball de la gak experience..
mmg kompem la terer.. O_O

ni futsal???

sepak bola pun tak reti..silap2, sepak kaki owg... muahaha~
No matter wut, we took that challenge..
De mmber yg tak encourage i join it cz bak kate die.. ^ dis is a game for guyz..not girlz^ no no..~ thats narrow minded kan..~so so narrow minded..
d opinion.. = RejeCted

10 August : d unfotgettable day.. _futsal tournament_
d team's name : CEKODOK BILIS FC.. hahaha..~
referee said: "korg nie takde name lain ker.. bg la name gempak2 sket.. bia kalah tp name gempak"
berkate referere sambil tersenyum.. namun kami tetap tak nk ubah name tu.. hehehe~
we come for d tournamnet jz for fun.. dun mind lose or win~
d most important : d experince~~
from 8 of us.. only a person de experince..
the others -- suke2 atiey.. janji epi..~ *yg tade experience termasuklah semagat lebey*

4 teams for gurl..
n 6 game to be finished _
1st n 2nd game: lost
3rd game: won wit 1 goal..
4th, 5th n 6th game.. : lost.. but ford 4th game: got 1 goal
d others yg lost : 0
hahaha..` great records right..

n the most precious moment is when i manage to contribute for the goal..
Goal..!!! fafa made it.. fafa was a gud striker.. muahaha~
kire ok la tu kn for the beginner..
unexpected.. since i juz want to make myself enjoy with the new experince of futsal..
n contribution of d goal.. is a bonus..~ ~

The next day: Monday 11th of August 2008 : everyone yg play futsal, especially my housemates: sakit2 bdn..
2 of them tak g kls pagi tu..(lina & nas)
me n bell, full of spirit to attend the class with such injuries..hahaha..
nvermind.. ( wpun dowg kate jln mcm owg lps pantang + cam nenek tua..)

we r still d champion..~
[wpun dpt no4 out of 4] ngeh3

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

:: Fren_o_Fren ::

its hard 2 find a true fren..
sumtimes we think she/he is d rite fren for us..but in fact..~naaah~
a true fren.. wil not make us sad, wil not make us feel uncomfortable, will not do sumthing tht wil make us angry..
a true fren.. will always put us no 1 b4 d other fren (dis is fr best fren)..
a true fren.. wil appreciate wutever we did n talk slowly if thr got sumthing wrong..
a true fren..will remmber all d moment together
a true fren..will not stabback us

arghh..~ to find a rite fren..not easy..~

fren to cry = hard to find!!!
fren to laugh = many many cam ChipsmoRE ~chipsmore pun tk byk sgt~ sush gk sbnrnye~ huhu

tepuk dada tanye perut..~ haha~
be rational to make fren wit sumone + sumtimes fren is much more important thn bf/gf
but sumtimes fren always make us 'sakit ati'

susah+susah+susah = dugaan
senang+senang+senang = dugaan

FREN DE MCM2 RAGAM ~penin penin~

conclusion is [ PATIENCE IS D BEST MEDICINE] huhu..~