Wednesday, August 6, 2008

:: Fren_o_Fren ::

its hard 2 find a true fren..
sumtimes we think she/he is d rite fren for us..but in fact..~naaah~
a true fren.. wil not make us sad, wil not make us feel uncomfortable, will not do sumthing tht wil make us angry..
a true fren.. will always put us no 1 b4 d other fren (dis is fr best fren)..
a true fren.. wil appreciate wutever we did n talk slowly if thr got sumthing wrong..
a true fren..will remmber all d moment together
a true fren..will not stabback us

arghh..~ to find a rite fren..not easy..~

fren to cry = hard to find!!!
fren to laugh = many many cam ChipsmoRE ~chipsmore pun tk byk sgt~ sush gk sbnrnye~ huhu

tepuk dada tanye perut..~ haha~
be rational to make fren wit sumone + sumtimes fren is much more important thn bf/gf
but sumtimes fren always make us 'sakit ati'

susah+susah+susah = dugaan
senang+senang+senang = dugaan

FREN DE MCM2 RAGAM ~penin penin~

conclusion is [ PATIENCE IS D BEST MEDICINE] huhu..~

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