Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"fafa n attachment"

today..is my 2nd day doing attachment at tetuan radzi & abdullah..
how was my first day?
hurm..its really unbelievable that i 'm starting to have a working experience..
mangun early in the morning,not to g0 to the class but instead... I'M WORKING..!!!
hahaha.. *aku suda dewasa =p*
owh..my 1st day..a very good starting..haha
nervous, excited, feel like going back home, n blablabla... nervous dominated d situation.

was acting like stupidos for a moment coz got nothing to do.. *Sigh*
mr.zul asked me to read cases...?

read the cases + jote down the procedure on how a case is to be filed and proceed.
what are the documents involved and the process..thats all. -btol ke pe aku wat neh- haha
later, i was interviewed by mr.zul

owh.by the way, there got 2 more attachment students from uia..
and the staffs..so far.. de yg very very friendly and de yg sometimes friendly and sometimes not.. ''pandai2 ko la fafa" ~ brkata aku di dlm hati.. =p
my 2nd day..
erm..a long waiting for d bus..
n it was raining..

got tasks today:
a) type a draf of subpoena for hadhanah case
b) type a 'nota keterangan' of the pf
c) type draf of bankcruptcy notice

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