Saturday, September 26, 2009


Let suppose you are a workarholic. What is the maximum hour you can work for 1 day? 24 hours right? what if you didn't sleep for the whole year? If you work for the whole year without a sleep, it will equal 8760 hours. But that is the maximum hour that you can work in 1 year don't you agree? Let say I have about 56,000 people work in my agencies all over the world. If this 56,000 people work just 1 hour out of the year, means 56,000 X 1 hour = 56,000 hours. For most people who want to earn 56,000 hours of work, they have to work in 6.4 years, 24 hour a day without sleep in the whole years. Doesnt it fair for you? it definately not fair. But now you alrealdy understand it, take advantage of it. You can't beat a network marketing by working alone.

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Insyaallah, kita berusaha ke arah yang lebih baik..

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