Tuesday, December 15, 2009

cSi Presentation

Date : 24th of Oct 2009
Venue : DKF 1.2, Faculty of Syariah n Law, USIM
Team Involved : 8 ---> all from my batch : SMSU 4Th yr, 7th Sem = 48students
Lecturer : Prof.Madya Dr. Anisah bt Che Ngah
Subject : Law of Evidence

Mode of Presentation :
1) Based on own grup's creatIvity ---> role play| Forum|... etc
2) Each grup needs to choOse 1 of the CSI's series : Miami|New York| Vegas
3) Scrutinize the story & d most important thing to relate it with wut kinds of evidence found/used. Mostly related to wut we had learnt in lecture such as : Facts in Issue| Hearsay Evid|Documentary Evid,|Oral Evid|...etc
4) Not to forget : refer to Evidence Act
5) Each grup consist of 6 people

Okeyh.. dis iS my Crazy BoOm Grup..!!! Haha..~~~ *Lack of 1 member : had been kidnapped..LOL..*
aLthough the preparation was not that gOod to be proud of.. but.. we got the satisfactioN..
Our team presented the Provisions yg berkaitan yg dikeluarkan dr CSI itu melalui Role Play dimana lokasinya adalah didalam makmal.. See.. aku pkai LabCoAT .. |haha| =)

psst : in fact, kitorg punye props paling byk.. so, patutla dpt the most creative grup.. ||hakhak||.. apedaaaa..~

.. A big clap to ourself..
..thx to imam a.k.a horatio ( tiada dlm gamba) krn membelanje kami.. ||sape soh spt 9/10.. haha..|| ktorg gurls dpt 8/10 je.. lol

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