Sunday, October 31, 2010


sungguh bersemangat title itu kan. yups! its 1 semangat to build up the spirit of striving to get something.
i'm getting older day by day.. uhuk uhukk hukkkkkkkssss.. erkkk..! haaa, terbatuk2 ala nenek(s) dahh tbe2.. ohh tua kan..? -___-" so,  my dear granchildren, listen! dis is not the tyme to play around. dis is the time to strive and learn and earn as much as possible. grab the opportunities wherever you are.

errrr, the truth is, nak berceritera je kat cni the opportunity i got to be a partimer at 1 of the legal firm in kl. well, partimer just fr weekend, and get paid, and working with my so supportive and semangat classmates.. i've to admit that i L.O.V .E it. siapa yang taknak earn money kan. kau taknak? kalau taknak, give me then! HA-HA.
Experience working kat sana baru je 3kali..|tapi kecoh mcm dah seratus puluh lapan juta ribu kali je kan..| haha. takpe.. semangat itu penting.staffs pon best je. willing to guide us. so, tak rasa terancam sgt..haha..ape da terancam .word mcm tak kena je..jap,,,err, tertekan kott.. =p

the spirit to work is much much more rite now. but; tiring! study is less tiring perhaps. tp still, keje kat sana bes la jugak. kau duduk je kat kerusi mcm bos pastu taip je segala mcm surat and affidavit and summons and bla bla bla.. -clerical work, senang cite..ehehe-.. but, of course, as a law student, its an additional experience although we've had our practical..

ouhh..lagi 1, mengisi mase lapang yang tak berapa nak lapang sgt la kann..haha.. drpd merayap tak tentu hala, dis is one of the best way kan..
sempat la bergambar-gedik kat ofis; of course and wajib di upload..malas nak cite bebanyak,nanti anda bosan! haha.

nway, really want to thanx so much to ecah, zaf (yang sanggup g wpon last minute) , zaty,mas and fiza for the full of spirit attiude. enjoy to be partimer together.. ^_^ .. lenkali kita g lai eyhh eyhh.. misi masih blom selesai..! chayok2...

@ ofice.. |abaikan muke poyo tu..| -__-"

near to Industrial Court.. going back
n not to forget, to my respected Sir Azril (my tutor a.k.a the partner of the firm), thanx so much for giving us this opportunity.. nest sem, plis teach us again eyh..eheh and amik kami lg jd partimer..lalalalaala.

ALHAMDULILLAH, very much thankful to ALLAH. Di kala ada insan yang bersukaria menghabiskan duit tak tentu hala, ALLAH memberi aku peluang ini supaya aku tak terus leka...


♠aQ.DaN.pUtera.kU♠ said...

yessssssssssss!!! 1st lg tuh .. hak hak ...

CIK FAFA said...

hahaha.. pantas sungguh menggodam..!