Monday, September 27, 2010


... is to complete her research proposal
as time flies..
the proposal has never been completed, what else to be submitted
this is bad, gurl.. BAD!
by now, by today, by this second, she should already start with the thesis drafting
this is not the time to play around
she plays too much!

... is to study smart, study hard
she must get at least, AT LEAST 3.80 cgpa this semester
this is not a joke
this is absolutely serious
her result became worst througout the semesters,lately
she was really upset, n in fact she IS upset.
she can never forgive herself for being such a loser. 

... is to be a better person, to be selfish [?]
ignore all negative surroundings
 ignore what people said about her
instead, be positive all the time
now, she must have this motto : 'DO I CARE [?]', instead of 'OWHH, YOU SHOUL NOT DO THIS'
well,its hard..... indeed.. :(

... is to think of her future

she has no gut to go through all this alone
she needs sumone to give bring the guts for her
please, support her,or otherwise...
she will always be a loser

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