Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the end of student life?


Its my 2nd day at home after the final paper :)what a relief. in fact, yet to relief. until my thesis is approved for binding, i'l not live peacefuly.haha. just sent the corrections pending approval. hopefuly, there's no more correction. just need to submit the the Abstarct in Arabic..and again, hopefuly, thsi week, i'l manage to send it for binding :) 

this evening, i need to go back to nilai since there will be a dinner with dearest cousrsemates at Sate Haji Samuri @ Bangi.. fully sponsored taw by 1 of my classmates. hehe. best kan? then, tomorrow morning, will be going to Sungai Congkak for another activities with them. mandi2, barbequing, so on and so forth. haishhh, lemah la dgr mandi2 neh. allergic btol kala0 da sampai sungai tapi tak mandi. haha. maybe that will be the last time we could spend together. Well, of cos each of us 'll have our own destiny :). mana yang rindu kampung, will go back to the hometown & berkhidmat kat sana. insyaAllah, ada rezeki, jumpa lagi kan.

going to pack some stuffs for tomorrow. sebab menumpang rumah orang tonite, so kena bawa apa apa yang patut.eheh. will update later on.
Till then..see ya! Muah muah

Mood rindu to blogging.  :(
Mood searching for job -___-"

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