Monday, June 21, 2010

since yesterday, trying & trying & keep on trying [menunjukkan aku tidak mudah berputus asa] to download & to install this particular thing.LEMBAB!
y must it be so difficult hah?it suppose not to ok!
only downloading & installing a very not complex or even not extravaganz thing.
HEY! plz make it easy for me ea.
i da lame tak on my YM, n how i misS to back to normal.haha. 
ok, not. i TIPU. not miss @t all
but, i do need it
i want this color back :D & cit chatting wit all my frens there.
altho' obviously, almost always
so, no point to struggling installing this particular thing aite? [ sgt buang masa ]
still, i do need it. with no reason. its just a must! Full Stop!
Struggling until succeed for dis lilttle,simple,easy matter.
hate waiting!

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