Sunday, January 9, 2011

facebook will be shut down!


So now, please, for those who have facebook account, go save all your pictures, videos if you don't  have any backup files for those things!
Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook will shut down facebook as " it is hard for him to manage the most kebabOOM social network website. it has ruined his life" ! He said, not me.. hehe

as for me, i do not have much problem even that Zuckerberg has the so called intention to do so.
i am not a facebook lover (before, yes.. -___-" )
so, Zuckerberg, you may proceed with your intention..haha.

i am very much sure that almost 99 percent people will object against this
FACEBOOK is like their most priority of their life, where without facebook, the world is dull!

i dont know, its just my opinion, you like it or not, you can do nothing
if you say, Zuckerberg is stupid if he shut down facebook because he earn  money through  it, well, i must say, he will never care! he is now rich enough to care about it..

errrrr, malas nak cakap banyak,
just chekiout here because the truth is never known..
whether it is just a hearsay or otherwise............ tettttttttt.... u find it okey! :)
then, please tell me more about it
i would love to know more facts about it. hehehe

thx toadeq piqa for the link :)


PinQib said...

haa. ye ker??
x leh terimaaa

i love facebookkkkk

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norinaomar said...

saja bikin gempak kot..